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A SEO site audit is a critical first step that SEOs must undertake to understand the state of SEO. An on-page SEO audit will begin with obvious points, such as the title and meta description tags. Depending on your website this can get a pretty exhaustive document, so you’re better served by creating an Excel sheet with your pages or site categories in rows and then each element of on-page SEO as your header.

Tips on what you should look out for during your audit.

Title Tags:

The purpose of a title tag is to make each page unique in terms of the page’s content. Since each page on your site should be unique, you need to have unique title tags for each page. Title tags also carry huge weight in terms of how you rank, so try to spend as much time as possible on writing great title tags. A title tag should include keywords relevant to the page content.

Meta Tags:

A good meta description will increase your click-through rate (CTR) on organic search. Make sure to describe what your page content is about, benefit or value to readers, and then a good call to action. Ensure that you spend some time writing your meta description. As a rule of thumb keep your meta description tags under 200 characters.

Missing Title:

In addition to writing unique title tags, keep a list in your Excel sheet on pages that are missing title tags or title tags with just your company name on it.

Duplicate Title Tags:

It is necessary that each page of your website should have unique title tag and make sure that you don’t repeat the title tag for different page. There are a lot of SEO software options available, but a good free option is Google’s Webmaster Tools. Here you can find suggestions related to tag. Please remove all the Duplicate title tags from your website.

Missing image name:

Make sure that you give name to each of the image that is used in your website. Not only that it is also necessary to give proper name to all the image. Missing name may lead to low your rank in the google. So it is necessary that all the images have unique related name.

H tags:

Your H tag will tell the search engine that it is the headline of your page. It is necessary that you use proper Header tag for your page. Ideally there should be one H1 tag and then H2 tags for sub headings.