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Custom WordPress Website Developed for a Major Technology Leader in Sports : 1080 Motion

Custom WordPress Website Developed for a Major Technology Leader in Sports : 1080 Motion
  • Designed By : Volcone Web Solutions LLC
  • CMS : Wordpress
  • Technology : HTML, CSS, Advanced PHP, Wordpress, JS
  • Project Length : 2-3 Months
  • Project URL : https://1080motion.com/

Project Details

1080 Motion is the technology leader in solutions for neuromuscular testing and training in sports and rehabilitation. We are committed to creating user-friendly applications with a solid footing in science.

Our relations began in 2016 with 1080Motion, they already had an amazing brand with some great technology and products to showcase but they wanted a platform where they can showcase their products and their capabilities to the world. Being a technology company, 1080motion wanted to make sure they can represent their scientific case studies, news related to sport breakthroughs and wanted to present an easy way for their users to subscribe to their newsletter.

To complete their online presence, we decided to list their customers, their amazing team and all of their locations and social media presence to make it easier for their users to interact with them.

We are always excited to take any 1080motion requirements as an opportunity to showcase what our team can do and how we can empower our clients with technology and skillsets we have in our team. Over time, we maintained their website health by improving/cleaning their WordPress dashboard, by keeping their website up to date with changing google’s search standards, constantly worked to increase their website speed to deliver smooth user experience and security was one of our top priority in everything we do with them.

We utilized HTML, CSS, JS, Advanced PHP coding and a lot of WordPress custom theme development skills to make sure their website uses the minimum amount of plugins with maximum stability. We hand-coded webinar section for them so they can focus more on marketing, sports technology and educating their customers.




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